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    Novel – Let Me Game in Peace – Let Me Game in Peace

    Chapter 1085 – Paradise Mountain extra-small juggle

    These gray-robed rats were actually capable of mind problems. On top of that, they are able to get their mind capabilities together with each other. It was actually exactly like the combined episode of the Musical Be aware Sprites.

    Zhou Wen observed that Ice-cubes Maiden did actually have the capability to restrain such psyche skills, so he acquired her to ascend Haven Mountain / hill and kill the rats 1st.

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    They weren’t beauties in anyway. These folks were just enormous, ugly and bad grey rats.

    Chapter 1085: Heaven Mountain

    Sacred sh*t, thirteen Mythical rats. This Haven Hill is often a drive to always be reckoned with. Never let me know you will still find Terror-quality existences?

    Zhou Wen had been to Netherworld Community as well as Almost endless Sea of Personalities. He had been aware of Heaven Hill, but he never likely to look at it as he teleported back again.

    Searching for, he spotted a grouping of bikini beauties chuckling and taking part in. Their lovely thighs designed him dizzy.

    He especially needed the dimensional crystals. Zhou Wen happened to want to build up his stats. The 13 reddish-robed rats experienced fallen five stat crystals and also a Mate Ovum. It was subsequently perfect.

    With discovering this picture, Zhou Wen summoned the Bronze Sparrow Sword. The flaming blade tore away from its scabbard and flew into Paradise Hill, instantaneously hurting several evil grey-robed rats.

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    Zhou Wen immediately understood where he was.

    Zhou Wen observed a large intellectual force while he believed to himself.

    An ice pack Maiden summoned an enormous prevent of ice and smashed it onto Jade Rabbit’s mind. The ice-cubes shattered into bits before Jade Rabbit woke up.

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    Just a Mythical creature couldn’t hold up against the psyche influence coming from the mountaintop, but Zhou Wen could still retain self-command. Just after strolling into Heaven Mountain, he gathered the stat crystals and ingested them without having hesitation, allowing his data to rapidly boost.

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    Although Jade Rabbit can be a real Power-sort Companion Beast together with its cognitive toughness isn’t its specialised, it is still at the Terror class. To be able to have an effect on it, these rats’ mind knowledge are no trifling make any difference.

    Zhou Wen saw that Ice cubes Maiden seemed to have the capacity to restrain these kinds of psyche knowledge, so he have her to ascend Paradise Mountain and get rid of the rats 1st.

    Zhou Wen immediately recognized why not one person sent back from Haven Mountain living.

    An ice pack Maiden summoned a huge hinder of ice and smashed it onto Jade Rabbit’s top of your head. The ice shattered into portions before Jade Rabbit woke up.

    A Mythical being couldn’t withstand the psyche have an effect on from your mountaintop, but Zhou Wen could still retain self-management. Soon after walking into Paradise Hill, he acquired the stat crystals and absorbed them without hesitation, making it possible for his statistics to rapidly maximize.

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    When Ice cubes Maiden saw the rats had been gone and was approximately to come back, she suddenly listened to an hearing-piercing shriek from the top of Heaven Mountain / hill.

    Ice Maiden summoned a large stop of ice-cubes and smashed it onto Jade Rabbit’s top of your head. The ice cubes shattered into bits before Jade Rabbit woke up.

    Just like Zhou Wen acquired the Mate Egg, he found a steady flow of lighting cut down coming from the mountaintop. It was subsequently an early sword.

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    Ice Maiden wasn’t on the frame of mind to spend time playing making use of these rats. Following her Terror transformation, an an ice pack explosion blasted many of the gray-robed rats into an ice pack shards.

    Ice Maiden wasn’t from the ambiance to play with one of these rats. Soon after her Terror change, an ice explosion blasted the majority of the gray-robed rats into ice-cubes shards.


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    Zhou Wen immediately realized why not one person delivered from Haven Mountain / hill full of life.

    Jade Rabbit’s eyeballs were actually substituted for reddish colored hearts because it slowly went towards Heaven Hill.

    Looking up, he observed a small group of bikini beauties giggling and participating in. Their lovely lower limbs created him dizzy.

    When Zhou Wen noticed the dimensional crystals and Associate Chicken eggs on the ground, he hurriedly summoned several Music Message Sprites and bought them to buy the dimensional crystals and Companion Eggs.

    Zhou Wen immediately recognized why not one person came back from Haven Mountain / hill lively.

    He circulated the Tire of Future and checked out the beauties. His pupils immediately constricted.

    “Squeak!” The voice was extremely razor-sharp. Ice-cubes Maiden’s term evolved slightly when she read the speech. Icy mild erupted from her body, as though she was fighting off some alarming power.

    Ice cubes Maiden’s eye narrowed as she charged toward the top of Heaven Mountain. In the near future, a terrifying crash sounded.

    Zhou Wen possessed been to Netherworld Area and the Never-ending Sea of Stars. He obtained read about Heaven Mountain, but he never required to look at it as he teleported back.

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    Section 1085: Haven Hill