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    Novel – Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet –Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet

    2460 Side Story: Ji Xiuran 5 tough frogs

    Peter Simple; and, The Three Cutters

    Potentially sensation a little cold, the guy packaged his overcoat around him a lot more snugly. Then he encouraged his crew away without seeking back.

    The person wore an overcoat and synthetic leather mitts.

    Certainly, the Fearless Alliance was experiencing an incredible hurdle along with crossed some prolonged-established main factions, so that they were literally surviving in the fractures.

    The person wore an overcoat and leather-based hand protection.

    Late at night, for the headquarters of any major faction:

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    “Bai Feng?”

    He wouldn’t forgive any ent.i.ty that harmed her. He would only damage and get rid of their existence.

    Late at night, on the headquarters of any significant faction:

    Skeleton checked out his learn. This laugh became a genuine indication that this guy was genuinely angry—a hard to find situation.

    “Bai Feng?”

    Shortly, a raging flames began to dominate the head office, taking it overall.


    “Bai Feng?”

    Everybody was surprised when they learned the ident.i.ty in this mankind. This gentleman was… E-emperor Ji?!

    “From now on, you’ll be hit off from your Independent Express,” Ji Xiuran aloofly said.

    The person wore an overcoat and leather hand protection.

    “It can’t match to a single ten-thousandth of yourself,” Ji Xiuran casually responded.

    “Would be the arrange that fascinating?” Worriless Nie inquired.


    Got his young grasp removed angry? This upcoming length of time was most significant for your little grasp. Regardless of whether he could rule the entire below the ground business or maybe not would depend upon this. Also, the Tong and Zhou family members were actually attentively observing Ji Xiuran, planning to get rid of Ji Xiuran primary so the many others would fail. However, he was dispatching Skeleton along with his crew to assist that silly Fearless Alliance.

    A slender person appeared.

    ten most important events in history


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    Everybody was surprised whenever they found out the ident.i.ty for this person. This gentleman was… E-emperor Ji?!

    “Certainly.” Skeleton required his leave a 2nd down the road.

    The person wore an overcoat and natural leather gloves.

    “Bai Feng?”

    Ji Xiuran sat straight down from the courtyard and picked up a cla.s.sic words once more, slowly studying it. Alternatively, Worriless Nie was relaxing next to Ji Xiuran, occasionally considering him.


    Ji Xiuran didn’t have his view away from his book and maintained browsing because he ordered, “Do away with every ent.i.ty that threatens the Fearless Alliance. Withhold all mercy.”

    A manager shuddered. Not possible! How could Ji Xiuran possess connection to the Fearless Alliance and that Bai Feng?! Which was absolutely extremely hard!

    Skeleton grimly withstood near to a man.

    “From now on, you’ll be smacked off from the Unbiased Point out,” Ji Xiuran aloofly claimed.

    Everybody was surprised every time they identified the ident.i.ty for this man. This man was… E-emperor Ji?!

    “Mm, so long as the situation is proceeding nicely.” Ji Xiuran nodded lightly.