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    Mosquito nets are of help inside the protection against malaria along with other diseases carried by insect bites. Mosquito nets can be utilized inside your home, from the garden, during a jungle safari and any place else in which you will dsicover mosquitoes, insects and creepy crawlies.

    There are a few items you should keep in mind when deciding to buy a mosquito net.

    Shape and size: You’ll find mosquito nets of varying shapes and sizes. There are small mosquito nets to hide a baby carseat there are also large mosquito nets to pay a full outdoor gazebo. You need to choose the appropriate size and shape for the exact purpose required. If you are looking for bed net to ward of mosquitoes whilst you sleep then the six foot dimension mosquito net will work for king-size bed. You need to to choose the type of the mosquito net – a ceiling hanging net or perhaps a net connected to the four poles of a bed post. The design and size must be considered carefully for effective use. Standard mosquito nets has holes of 1.2mm x 1.2mm and that’s the best option.

    Color: Bulk manufactured polyester mosquito nets is available in several colors with white being the most common. You may want to choose the appropriate color to blend within your property for aesthetic reasons.

    Treatment: Most nets sold nowadays are pre-treated with insecticides for much better protection. This is an excellent thing. There are also untreated nets but you’re best creating a pre-treated mosquito net for better protection.

    Composition: You might have 2 choices – cotton or polyester netting. Cotton nets are heavier when wet, gets dirty faster and aren’t for as long lasting because the polyester netting.

    If you are view the alternative ideas and varieties between mosquito nets, it should be readily available the best net available for you and protect all your family members from disease carrying insects.

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